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Small and Medium Enterprises play a critical role in the creation of jobs in many countries across the world. As an SME we hope to provide you with some critical information you may need to grow your business, and ultimately our economy.

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Do you have a need to grow your SMEs, in whichever form. We can help you determine your SME development strategy to ensure a sustainable impact as well as project manage your requirements all the way to success.

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Latest Thinking


We share the latest thinking with you on SME development as well as the latest statistics and trends that will assist you in determining your next steps. Make sure you are ahead of the curve and make a difference today.

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Developing Small Medium Enterprises thoughout Africa

Working with our partners and SMEs to grow their businesses in a sustainable way

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Interesting facts

SA SME turnover under R5 mil

70 percent of SMEs in South Africa generate less than R5 mil turnover per annum.

SA Workers employed by SMEs

68 percent of SA Workers are employed by small businesses employing fewer than 50 people.

11 - 20 employees

22 percent of small businesses in SA have 11 - 20 employees employed.

Working Capital

92 percent of SMEs require working capital across all life stages of the business.